iStratus® DayPlanner

Take control of your life with an all-in-one planner

iStratus DayPlanner…the all-in-one solution to organize your busy life across your mobile iOS devices.

  •   Designed to present a single view of your Daily Schedule, Tasks and Plans.
  • ;  Provides a complete picture of priorities.
  •   Easily create, view, and edit events and appointments.
  •   Personalize with colorful icons.
  •   Integrates with Apple Calendar.
  •   Simply create recurring events and appointments with varying times.
  •   Eliminate having to re-enter the same appointment data multiple times.
  •   Personalize with various themes, tags, icons and colors.
  •   Unique to iStratus DayPlanner.
  •   This is a real time saver.
  •   Easily protect your personal files using military grade encryption.
  •   Easily create passwords.
  •   Eliminate the worry of having your private documents in the wrong hands.
  •   Encryption Manager stores your passwords.
  •   Take control of your document security.
  •   Easily create and manage your daily tasks.
  •   Use pre-set task templtates or create your own.
  •   Tap iStratus remote control to access photos, contacts, files and more.
  •   Automatic Task Rollover until task is complete.
  •   Save time and keep everything organized.
  •   Designed to keep your plans “top-of-mind”.
  •   Easily create, view and access your plans, goals, notes and activities.
  •   Personalized folders with icons, themes, colors and names.
  •   Quickly access photos, contacts, files, emails...
  •   Tap iStratus remote control to access photos, contacts, files and more.

Designed to easily manage your calendar, tasks, plans, and more, all in a single app.

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About iStratus DayPlanner

iStratus® DayPlanner is a shareable digital planner to combine your personal, family, and business activities.

iStatus Calendar

iStratus DayPlanner… the All-in-One solution to organize your life across your mobile iOS devices.

Your life…organized. Ever wish you had more time? Of course. Why? We’re all busier today than ever before. Managing our time is essential to avoid hassles and stay on top of our plans, appointments, and to-dos...not to mention whatever opportunity pops up! iStratus All-In-One DayPlanner helps you get more things done in a single, easy-to-use app. It syncs across all your Apple iOS devices to support your scheduling, tasks, and planning needs and take advantage of Dropbox cloud storage so the information you need is always the moment.

  1.   Share your life with family, friends, and business associates.
  2.   Store in the cloud to instantly access files, folders, and more on the go.
  3.   Transfer unfinished tasks to the next day...automatically.
  4.   Protect sensitive information with military-grade encryption.

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