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Your mobile day planner that gathers, connects,
and stores everything in your life.

Remember the hand-written day planners? iStratus® DayPlanner brings the day planner paradigm to life on your iPhone & iPad, where you can do so much more.


Use a built-in Remote Control to securely capture your day by creating tasks/notes, dictating thoughts, scanning documents, and much more.

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Connect your Dropbox documents to your daily schedule, manage your contacts, and organize, customize and share anything.


Rest assured that all of your data is privately and securely stored on your iPhone & iPad, and in the cloud.



With iStratus® DayPlanners distinctive features you will be organizing your life with a few taps.


Your day and tasks at a glance

Daily Folder

A collection of your day


Prioritize your time


A place for your private files/folders


Dropbox storage; online and offline


Collaborate with others


iStratus® DayPlanner and iStratus® for Business offer individuals and businesses 2 great ways to organize their lives.

iStratus® DayPlanner

iStratus® DayPlanner eases the frustration of an always on mobile world by gathering, connecting and storing an individual's personal and business life all in one app.

iStratus® for Business

Customized for business, iStratus® for Business can capture information from business workflow through real-time status reports to provide intelligent information to allow the right things to get done at the right time.

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How To's

iStratus® DayPlanner How To videos


"Day-To-Day" Tab Feature

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"Swipe" Feature

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"Schedule" Tab Feature

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"Daily Folder" Tab Feature

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"Global-To-Do" Tab Feature

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"Cabinet" Tab Feature

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"Cloud" Tab Feature

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"Shared" Tab Feature

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"Search" Tab Feature

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"Arrange" Feature

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"Tracking-icon" Feature

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"Shortcuts" Feature

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"Remote Control" Feature

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"Daily Rollup" Feature

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We created iStratus® DayPlanner to revolutionize the way you work with data on your mobile device and to store it securely for online and offline use.

If you have been looking for a mobile day planner that also stores all your selected digital data in the cloud and offline on your iPhone or iPad, iStratus® DayPlanner was designed for You. Enjoy!


iStratus LLC is a privately-owned American software development company established in 2011 and based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. iStratus is committed to making people's lives easier through technology.

iStratus delivers affordable, accessible, streamlined mobile applications that help people make the most of their time and effort through efficient, useful technology.